Anti-Rape Corset on Sale In Indonesia

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Found on the Foxnews website, AP wireservice and elsewhere:

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Inspired by reports of widespread rape during riots in May, an Indonesian businessman is stepping up his efforts to sell "anti-rape" corsets that resemble the Victorian chastity belt.

sanjava.jpg The corset, advertised in a Jakarta newspaper last month for $7.50, is made of imitation leather and stainless steel with a combination lock.

Simon Sanjava of West-Java offers this chastity belt which developed into a best seller. At the May revolts in Indonesia public anger turned against the chinese minority in the country. Hundreds of women were raped. The belt is being sold to protect women from being raped.

An Indonesian women's group is protesting the sale, saying the devices are a form of sexual harassment, the daily Suara Pembaruan reported Sunday. The Group of Women's Health says keeping women safe is the state's responsibility and women shouldn't rely on such equipment.

Human rights groups claimed at least 168 women were gang raped during the riots that forced authoritarian President Suharto to quit after 32 years in power.

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