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The name of the episode from The Avengers TV series in which Mrs. Peel is put in a (cumbersome, non-effective, and phony) Chastity Belt is...


It takes place in the mytical town of "Little Storping on the Swurff" where residents allow murderers to lure their victims and kill them free of legal complications...for a price. Mrs. Peel and several other townsfolk who won't go along with the scheme are locked up in the town's "museum"--which includes a medaeval section where the belt in question is found. Another victim is the town telephone operator, who is put in a very nice Scold's Bridle for talking too much, and chained to a wall, and two others are put in foot stocks. The "belt" is more like a huge, shiny steel chastity "skirt" which does not go through the crotch, but rather kind of sheaths down from the waist to the upper thigh all around Diana Rigg's body, with a big lock on the front that they can play at picking.

Corny, but fun, but I thought the title of the episode might help your readers find it on TV Guide schedules and in video stores etc. etc.


As mentioned above, the actress is Diana Rigg in the British cult T.V. series "The Avengers". Though I've sat through many re-runs of the series' I've not seen this one. (It's well known that there are several episodes that have been witheld from UK TV due to the bondage etc. scenes in the original showings.)

This is my favourite site on the whole web. Keep up the good work.


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