The Story of my Belting

Submitted by: Mark

I've been reading the pages off and on for about a year now. Something's finally happened, and Laura, the other person involved, asked me to send you this for your pages:

The Story of my Belting

In some ways this is a long and convoluted story that, at the latest, starts five and a half years ago when I met the woman who would become my keyholder.

For those of you who haven't been using computers that long, let me tell you, things were a bit different then. People went 'on-line' to chat then, but the word meant something different than it means now. Then it meant connecting directly to a computer bulletin board with a modem. The larger 'BBS's had maybe thirty lines, and there were no direct connections between separate BBSs.

I met her on one such board. I'd been hanging around the board for some time. I had a deep interest in BDSM, and in the page that described me online, I made no secret of my interest in that area.

Laura stumbled across the board one day, barely capable of running the software. She was recently separated from her husband and in the process of a divorce. She'd been through a whirlwind of dating -- personal ads, phone services, and other BBSs meant specifically for those on the prowl for a mate. This board wasn't like that; it was more of local community thing. She had ended up there on a lark, and was there more for the entertainment value than furthering romantic goals.

We chatted a bit and she mentioned that the BDSM references in my biography were 'interesting.' Later I discovered that she really didnít have much of a clue about the stuff, but by then we were thoroughly involved. We spent hours talking on the phone (without the aid of computers). The relationship was BDSM from the moment we met in person; on our first date, I tied her up and tortured her with a vibrator.

Strangely, during that first date, I received a phone call inviting a previous girlfriend and myself to a BDSM play party. We rearranged things quickly, and Laura accompanied me to the party as my 'slave.'

A year later we moved in together, she had been my slave for all of that period. With our new joint living arrangements, I intended to intensify things a bit. I decided that she would spend a period of time chaste, paying attention to my needs. Though she agreed, she was very unhappy with the situation, and I couldn't deal with it. I'd had fantasies of chastity belts for a long time. I wasn't real happy with the way things turned out, but our lives proceeded.

Every once in a while, I would raise the subject again, and it would always be rejected. Our relationship was suffering; we could hardly communicate at all. Laura still called me 'master,' it's possible that I could have insisted, but it would have been a miserable time for her, and she had a knack for making my miserable with her own misery.

It sounded hopeless. Laura and I both intended to salvage the relationship, and we both worked on our communication. It looked, however, like we'd have to sacrifice the sexual habits of years to do so, since the core of our difficulties seemed to resolve around BDSM.

It didn't turn out that way. In our discussions, it became clear to me that Laura really wasn't submissive in any sense of the word. I on the other hand, had interests on both sides of things. Neither of us could imagine a change in our roles, though.

A little side trip is necessary here: I have a history of weight problems. I dealt with them successfully about ten years ago. However, the weight has been creeping back at a rate of five to ten pounds a year. I eat right and exercise, so it's not a health problem, but esthetically it sucks.

I had an idea that seemed to attack a number of our problems. Why not belt me? So I propositioned Laura with this: Iíd wear the belt, she'd hold the key. The only requirement I had was that she not let me out unless I weighted less than when I was locked in. I made it clear that she could add on any other requirements that she wanted, with her only leverage being that she didn't have to let me out if she didn't want to.

The theory I had here was that I was still in control, but I was giving her a bit of counter-control. I also expected that she'd be pleased to prevent me from masturbating -- she'd always looked on it as a lost opportunity for sex and really didn't like me doing it.

I expected a hard sell, since it involved chastity, something we'd had painful difficulties with the concept in the past, and it involved her having control, something she'd stated that she really didn't want on a number of past occasions. She surprised me and agreed with some enthusiasm.

I first tried to build a birdcage-like device. After several days of experimenting, I gave up and called the professionals. Laura works in San Francisco, so we arranged for her to stop by Mr. S. on the way home one night.

Before she put it on, she asked me if I trusted her. I told her "yes." After all, she'd been holding the keys to my home built devices. It turns out that they'd neglected to include a key with the device. No matter, she locked it on. Though it had a little tube for the penis and locked behind the testicles, just like my devices did. It was so much more comfortable - quite a relief, after all the experimentation.

I've been locked in one device or another for 4 days now, and my first release isn't scheduled for another 5 days. It's a wonderful feeling. I've been riding a sexual peak that just won't quit. Laura's gotten more attention that she's probably gotten in the past six months. She's also made a number of personal requests, and has been delighted with the way I've dealt with them.

Laura's found the control thoroughly addictive and it's becoming obvious that our roles have made a complete reversal. She's found a BDSM role that she enjoys (a lot), and Iím both losing weight and completely pre-occupied with sex (a condition I really enjoy). For the first time in years, we are both entirely happy with our interaction; it appears that our relationship is saved.

Endnote: I've always found the hormonal high that leads up to orgasm to be a lot more fun than the orgasm and hormonal crash that follows. I haven't seen anything that describes things quite this way. For me being locked up and longing for sex is a far preferable state to actually having sex. Strange huh? Of course, Laura still gets any sort of gratification any time she wants it.


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