German News Article

From the 27-Aug-97 German newspaper "Nuernberger Nachrichten"

At a recent photo shoot, bystanders were treated to a view of "Maiden of the castle" Carolin Brandmeyer. She was seen dressed only in platform boots, fishnet hose, bra, and Surrender chastity belt!

Photographer Juergen Schindele from Fuerth/Germany took pictures with Carolin Brandmeyer for a Vernissage to be given this autumn. "My topic will be the erotic kick" said the 32 years old, "chastity belts and castle walls go well together, therefore we take pictures up here."

Some observers stared, while others turned away in embarrassment. An elderly lady and her friend examined the belt very closely. A Sat 1 (German TV station) camera crew were on hand recording the photo session and reactions of by-standers for broadcast.

Juergen Schindele is looking for a sponsor for the exhibition, and was not able to say where it might be held.

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