La Ceinture de Chastete

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The actual belt portion of the device, to which the various shields and other appliances are mounted.

The formed front portion that extends downward from the WAIST BAND at the front and is locked securely to it. The shield is the primary protection, and is also used as the means by which the vaginal plug is mounted and secured in the slot that has been machined into it.

This shield is 1-1/4 inches wide and locks over the PRIMARY SHIELD in such a manner that it is spaced 1/4 inch outwards and thus prevents any tampering with a mounted plug, or attempts at self-gratification by the wearer.

This portion of the Chastity Belt (on the CLASSIC style Chastity Belt) is 1-1/4 inches in width, with a machined slot, and locks between the back of the PRIMARY SHIELD (between the legs) and the central D-ring on the back of the WAIST BAND. Plugs of varying diameters and lengths may be employed, and Extension Bars bay be added, if desired.

Plugs are made of solid, machined, nylon or plastic rod; manufactured in such a manner that they will fit either the front or back slots. Generally available in diameters of 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch, with lengths between 3 inches and 6 inches. Other sizes may be ordered as desired.

These are flat section chains and are used on the CLASSIC style Chastity Belt, extending from the back portion of the Shield between the legs to offset mounts on the back of the Waist Band. NOTE: on the TRADITIONAL style belt, there are no chains.

This is the standard design from which all other variations have been created. It consists of a waist band to which the primary shield is locked at the front and center. This shield extends down over the lower belly and genital area and is contoured as it passes downwards between the legs, where, just before the anus, it is connected by means of flat-section, chromed steel chains that immediately spread apart, and ascend over the buttocks to the waist band, where they are securely mounted. The primary sheld has a longitudinal slot through which the labia protrude, although the width of this slot is insufficient to allow the penetration of anything of value.

No matter how the body is moved or contorted, the shield will remain firmly locked in position! This chastity belt is designed to do just what it's name says; i.e., it prevents sexual intercourse and/or self-gratification: GUARANTEED!

As to construction; both the waist band and all shields are made entirely of stainless steel, neoprene rubber lined and edged, and are of single piece construction. The material used is sufficiently flexible, being light enough to spring open without the use of hinges, thus ensuring both ease of cleaning and absolute security.

All joints are carefully machined to ensure a smooth joint, with the primary focus being on security. This chastity belt comes with a standard, rear mounted D-ring. Additional D-rings can be placed on the chastity belt where the customer desires.

This chastity belt is very similar to the CLASSIC, with two major differences: (1) the primary shield is a continuous piece that is permanently connected to the center back of the waist band and comes down between the buttocks, over the anus and genital area, then locks at the center front of the waist band: and (2) it has no chains over the buttocks.

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