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Date: 96-11-25 19:00:56 EST
To: Altairboy

fem/male I can give you some additional information. This picture is part of a photo I have seen on page 28 in an about 5 years old german catalog with the title "Geschnuert in Leder". This catalog is published by Pourquoi pas GmbH, Mainzer Strasse 28, 6600 Saarbruecken in Germany. But I think this is an old address. In the last issue of the german twilight-magazine the address of this company is given as:

Pourquoi pas Exclusivmoden GmbH
Ludwigstrasse 29
66115 Saarbruecken
Tel: 06811-4170418
Fax: 06811-4170420

Kastley GmbH
Postfach 70 03 31
70573 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711-769074
Fax: 0711-7651945

brass chastity They have a showroom at:

Erwin-Baelz-Strasse 73, 70597 Stuttgart, Germany

They sell many kinds of chastity belts for males and females. Prices start at 2400 German Marks. The belts are made from stainless steel, brass, leather, rubber or a combination of these materials. A catalog with the title "Caprice Moden - Leder, Curiosa, High Heels" shows some of these devices. More detailed information

Atelier I. Kunzmann
Postfach 1047
75110 Pforzheim
Tel: 07231-89774
Fax: 07231-86192

They sell a very nice female medieval chastity belt made from silver or gold. In an old issue of the "skin-two" magazine (NR. 17) I have seen this belt on page 90.

Olpenerstrasse 250
51103 Koeln (Cologne)

front view bottom view I have no first hand information about the product. Here is a front and bottom view of their male chastity belt. Prices begin at 2700 German Marks. A Fall, 1997 advertisment can be seen here.

Am Haferkamp 10
59199 Bönen-Nordbögge
Germany Tel/Fax +49 2383 57426
Funk 01 71 / 54 95 805

front rear He is a new chastity belt maker in Germany. He manufactures female (and male) chastity belts, corsets and bras from steel. Belts begin at 1650 German Marks. They look very nice. A picture of a chastity belt and a bra you can see in issue NR. 13 on page 71 of the german twilight-magazine, and a picture of a steel-corset in issue NR. 14 on page 79 of this magazine.

These "chastity pants" consist of a frontplate and a backplate that are connected between the legs and secured with padlocks on both sides. The frontplate has a vaginal slit and the backplate has an opening in the anus region.

This device is made to measure and the metal plates are shaped exactly to the body. For fitting it is necessary to come to the workshop of Latowski.

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