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Hi Altairboy:

Thanks for your message & thanks for the offer to put us on your Web page that would be great.

Studded Belt Belt Two

The belt on the left sells for 135 English Pounds. It has a front panel made of stainless steel, studded down either side. The fastening belts are all adjustable heavy leather at the back, and under the crotch. The belt on the right sells for 195 English Pounds. It is all stainless steel, cut out by laser. The back looks the same as the front view in the picture. It is adjustable at both sides from 26" to 34", locks with padlocks, and has an adjustable stainless steel gusset which adjusts about 5" up and down with a small piece of heavy leather at the underneath crotch strap to allow easier dressing/undressing.

We make other metal devices as well. Please take a look at the picture of our stainless steel bra, collar and cuffs, and our male Chastity Vault, The Chastity Cell and the Lady Guinevere Chastity Belt and The Strongbox and The Vaultbox.

We also make some other Leather Chastity Belts.

We realize you might not believe our word, so perhaps one of our customers own comments about the chastity belt might prove useful:

"Congratulations on such fantastic workmanship. My wife is thrilled to bits with the belt & won't take it off. She's worn it for 5 days now and loves every minute, even at work!! I love it even more, I have the keys!!! which is a definite turn on & very stimulating for us both. What more can I say, keep up the good work, it's hard to come by nowadays"

Anything we make is available in Gold plate by special request only.

Both myself & Martin have worked in this line of business (bondage/sex aids) now for years although it was for someone else who has a sex shop & warehouse in Bradford. I worked in the shop & Martin did the printing ie. contact magazines etc. & made all the leather gear. We had a disagreement with the owner of the shop, and went our separate ways.

Eventually once we had enough to set up our own business, we did. We still make & sell all the leather/rubber items but a lot of our friends told us they would like to have some items other than leather and rubber, so we started to make items in Stainless steel.

I must stipulate we are not a one minute wonder company here to rip people off, we don't make shabby gear, we only use the best quality leather/rubber & use very high grade steel & we will make absolutely anything the customer wants so long as they send us a rough drawing/picture

We've all been ripped off at some time or other & know what it's like and it's not funny but we're here to stay & will build up a very good reputable, reliable company, we have a lot of very satisfied customers already.

Don't know if you've heard of the Clone Zone in Manchester who also have shops in Blackpool, London & Birmingham, they sell all the leather bondage gear as well as other stuff well we have just started to supply them with the our Stainless steel Penis rings, medieval shackles, collars and nut crackers, they are also interested in selling the rest we make. They are a very well known reputable company & if you would like to get in touch with them no doubt they'll verify this. The owners names are David Edwards & John Tillyard. We now also supply Zipper Store on Camden High Street, London.

When Martin first left school he served his apprenticeship in plater welding, technical drawing & engineering which has certainly come in handy making the stainless steel things.

We work mail order from home at present making all the leather etc in the attic & make/polish all the stainless steel in the cellars but are looking for suitable premises/shop around or in Leeds.

Our VAT REG NO: 675.3655.03

44 Hollings St
Cottingley, Bingley
West Yorkshire
BD16 1SH

Brenda and Martin Frobisher

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