Chaos & Mayhem Chain-Mail Chastity Belts

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Dear Altairboy:

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Chain-mail is a very versatile cloth like material that follows the contour of the skin, that makes it excellent for chastity belt use. It restricts access but does not restrain every day movements.


Our chastity belts and other garments are suitable for long time wear. They are washable, on you or after use with hot water and soap. Garments are custom tailor made from your measurements.

Due to our choice of material (aluminum) a slight discoloration on the skin may appear with long time use, bit it washes off with soap and water. Should not be worn over clothing due to discoloration.

We make female and male chastity belts, bras, panties and corsets. Check our website for price information. Our garments are custom tailored, made for your pleasure, one link at a time.

Chaos and Mayhem

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