The bad girl Sabrina and her desires!

At first, let me explain: My English isn't too good. I am using for a first translation from German to English: AltaVista: Translations. This isn't too bad, but isn't perfect. A friend in the U.S. is helping with further translation! But if you find any errors (in wording or grammer) in my pages, please don't hesitate to send me a short Mail- Thanks!

But now, a little about me:

Am I really "bad"? This may be a matter of opinion, and I will leave it to others to judge this about me.

In any event, I live with my Master in Germany (more specifically, Bavaria). I am 27 years old, and relatively pretty with a nice figure- at least my Master thinks so.

I enjoy good food and good wine (most particularly French), love wearing jeans, casual shirts, and everything else that is comfortable. And above all else I like sneakers- Converse 'Chuck Taylor ' All-Stars.

And now for my special preferences: I love everything that has to do with metal chains, dungeons, etc. This includes handcuffs, leg irons, neck irons, chastity belts, heavy chains...

I not only love to look at these nice things, but I have a need to also personally wear them. For this reason we have a small assortment of these pretty items, which are put on me by my Master as required. This occurs regularly whenever Sabrina behaves badly or is disobedient.

Our most splended item is a heavy, massive metal harness, which I am sometimes put into. In the cellar of our house my Master has set up a dungeon for me. In this I am imprisoned as a chain convict in my iron harness. Normally I am also chained to the dungeon wall (by two long chains) and must serve my earned punishment: Sometimes for a short period of time, but sometimes also for weeks or months. My longest time in this dungeon was for 105 days.

As you read this you may think my lifestyle is very unusual and bizarre, which it probably is. However, I find it fascinating and somehow exciting to be put in irons, chained to the wall, and locked up in the dungeon.

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